Business Like A Boss Workshop

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21 Mar, 9.30am - 4.30pm




Our Place Melbourne
949 Burke Road
Camberwell, 3124

Business Like A Boss

Business owners who come to this workshop are passionate about their business but they struggle with some or all of these roadblocks in their management:

  • Inconsistency with social media profiles, content, posting and engagement
  •  An overflowing inbox with no clear email management plan
  • Confusion about dealing with accounts, filing and record keeping
  • Limited knowledge of the core pillars of their business structures
  • A desire for increased cash flow without the structures to sustain it

In this session you will:

  • Develop a social media routine to keep your business aims on track
  • Devise a plan to reduce the emails in your inbox and keep it that way
  • Gain clarity with the processes you need to keep clean business records
  • Learn how to manage each of the departments in your small business
  • Build structures to replace unpredictable sales with reliable cash flow

This is it! This is the workshop that will launch you into creating a long awaited lifestyle change. Learn new ways to manage your workflow which give you the management skills you need to push through every growth curve. Get back to making a real difference with your industry expertise. Start running your Business Like A Boss.