Wine, Women & Wisdom – four women of wisdom share their life lessons

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19 Jul, 6.00pm - 8.30pm




Our Place Melbourne
949 Burke Road
Camberwell, 3124

Wine, Women & Wisdom

Have you lost inspiration to achieve your goals?

Are you ready to succeed in your life, relationships, work and business?

Are you hoping to regain enthusiasm for your life?

If you want to make this change in your life, join four women of wisdom, as they come together to inspire and share their life lessons through life stories!

Alexandra Andre

First up, Iron ”man”, Professional Speaker, Marketing Energizer and Thought Leader, Alexandra Andre will inspire and energise potential for infinite impact in the world. She will show how each of us has the capacity to make an invaluable impression on just one person. Additionally, Alexandra will demonstrate how the bigger the stage and business, the bigger our potential for lasting impact.

‘Tina Murray

Is it possible to design the life you really want to live? As a commercial Interior Designer, ‘Tina Murray uses her innovative insights and deep understanding of human behaviour to empower her clients to lay their own foundations for personal fulfillment. ‘Tina will use her 30+ years of experience to show us how to plan and build our best life yet. Tina Murray

Kerry Anne Nelson

If your goal is to increase your chances of founding a successful business or getting your existing business back on track, Kerry Anne Nelson is your Business Process Genius. Kerry Anne uses speaking, writing and events to help people find and follow their passion without being held back by cumbersome systems. Her years of experience in business management, education, events and team leadership have set Kerry Anne up for wins both personally and professionally.

Dr Gail Crossley-Craven

Success may be defined in different ways by different people, but Dr Gail Crossley-Craven has seen the empowering effect knowledge and preparation has on the human ability to succeed. She has spent a lifetime learning and re-learning the valuable education and people principles she believes are truly keys to success. In this talk, Gail brings an eclectic wealth of expertise from the educational, counselling and business arenas.

WINE, WOMEN & WISDOM… Four vivacious women, ONE STAGE, ONE EVENT!

Don’t miss witnessing these women creating a genuine ripple effect impacting the field of entrepreneurship and personal fulfilment….oh, one more thing… we’ll be serving fine wine and some cheese and snacks.

Be prepared to have your mind blown!!! See you there….